Picture Gallery

Photos shared by owners of our pups.




Jayme Boo
She is such a good girl. She is just a big giant angel with four legs. She is so funny and still awkward on her long legs. The look on her face sometimes just amazes me. It's so funny to say but you can read every emotion on her face. She makes my heart smile.

Udo gets along great with the kids and great with the other dogs. Its a good thing he is a big mush because he spends a lot of time on everyone's lap. He seems to be very easy to train as well. People stop us all the time and question us about what he is and can't believe what a great dog he is. We're thinking we may not be able to stop at one. You may be hearing from us again! We love him very much and are really glad we added him to our family.
Thanks for bringing such a wonderful friend into our lives.

Tilly is doing great and adjusting to our home and life very well. We enjoy every day with her. She definitely keeps us busy day and night, and it's great. We are so glad that we found your kennel,and so glad To have Tilly as a part of our family.

Update -- 8/07 The runt of the litter has grown up and is a beautiful big girl (145 lbs @ 18 months). We often comment she is the best dog we have ever owned. Such a laid back personality and very gentle. The spot in the garden is her favorite - she likes to sit there and oversee the property. What a wonderful dog. We still look forward to adding another mastiff to our family some day.

Atlas is WONDERFUL!!! He loves the kids but I have become his favorite and he follows me all around the house. I took him for his first obedience lesson last week. The trainer trains the police and search and rescue dogs. He was very impressed with him.

Boo is so great with our son Jack (3.5) and his friends, we are continually amazed. He is only 6 months old right now but he weighs 97 pounds. He is a big cuddly baby. He has never once showed even an ounce of aggression towards another animal or people. We have a cat and he loves her even though she terrorizes him. He has such a soft mouth you can't believe it. My parents visited for the holidays and my dad was amazed that Boo was carrying around a paper towel tube and he wasn't even crushing it. Boo and Jack like to run through the house and then jump into a bean bag (Boo's downstairs bed) and Boo, even in all his excitement, is always careful not to hurt Jack. They are great playmates. Boo loves everyone he meets. He really is the happiest most loving animal I have ever met. I HIGHLY recommend this breed with children.

Update 7/07 - Wanted to email you to let you know how much we love Boo. Jack is so attached to him I cannot remember what it was like before we had him. He is huge (187 lbs) but the sweetest most laid back dog I every met. (Jack has a new sister Charlotte. See the pics of Charlotte and Boo)

Ruby has been a wonderful addition to our family. There is no better feeling than coming home and having Ruby joyously greet you at the door. She is a constant companion-always willing to play, to go for a walk, or to cuddle up beside you on the couch with her head in your lap. She has enormous personality and keeps us laughing every day at her antics. It's impossible to stay in a bad mood with Ruby around! People constantly approach us to ask about her and to comment on how pretty she is, and we have to agree. We can't imagine how dull life would be without our Ruby. Thank you for breeding such fantastic dogs.

The Sokolowski Family.


Diesel has been a wonderful dog. She has a great personality and is always gentle and patient with the kids. I think Diesel believes she is a lap dog; she loves to cuddle and be in your company. She is always getting compliments on her good behavior and her good looks too! Diesel is so well behaved my husband wants another Mastiff. She seems to have stopped growing @ 110 lbs, but she is a great size for me!


Kira is truly the sweetest, most loving dog that we have ever had. She is a wonderful addition to our family which also includes our Gold Retriever, "Harley". Harley and Kira are best friends, playing together during the day and sleeping side by side at night. Kira likes everyone she meets and everyone loves her. She loves to give us kisses and is so gentle with our Grandchildren when they come over that there is never a worry. She has way of looking at you that makes your heart melt and the term "Gentle Giant" truly fits her. We are now totally in love with this breed and want another. We've seen firsthand that at Hidden Acres each puppy gets handled with love right from the start and it shows. Thank you both, Alan and Diane, for giving us the chance to get such a special girl.


Wanted to share pictures of Phoenix on her first birthday.  She is such a important part of our family & and we are so thankful for her in our home -- and thankful to you for introducing her to us.  She is the ultimate playmate, companion, little friend and guardian.  We just love her to pieces.

We all love Duke so much. He has the best personality. He loves to run around the house to see where everyone is and check up on them. He loves to give kisses and is so gentle with the kids. Sometimes he is so well behaved you forget he is a puppy and then he will do something totally goofy. I can't imagine our family without him. We are totally sold on the temperament of this breed. Thanks for everything.

I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Zelda. I can't believe how laid back she is compared to our boxer. She's a very good dog and its amazing how much she really does aim to please us. Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful pup. My father was in awe and he's had boxers all his life. He couldn't get over the constant belly rub she always wanted. Know that this pup has a very good home.

We LOVE Molly. She is such a wonderful, easy going dog. You failed to mention that she would literally stop traffic. I take Molly for a walk and we have to stop at least twice to talk to people. One day a boy riding his bike turned around to look at her and fell off. I asked if he was alright and he laughed and said he thought I was walking a bear. She is very good with my 4 yr old daughter, she seems to know that she is a baby too.

Thanks you so much for Molly.

Tiller is playful and likes to use his left paw to get your attention. The older he gets the more he wants to be around us, always in contact, laying on our feet, etc. We are very happy with him...he is a big bear who doesn't realize his size.

Guinness went to his first walk-a-thon this weekend and was the hit of the walk. We were so proud of him and he was so well behaved. Gentle with all the little kids, strangers, other dogs. You couldn't have asked for a better dog, never mind a 7 month old puppy. If any potential buyers have questions or need endorsements, we would be happy to profess our amazement and love of the puppies you breed.

Update 9/07 Guiness' fall is full of rally dog classes, followed by Canine good citizen, then hopefully passing his Therapy dog international test. He hopes to be part of the Reading Fur Friends, where kids with low self esteem/trouble reading are encouraged by reading to dogs. He is following in his father's paw prints. His favorite fall activity is to walk through the woods at a local park with his friend Gunner a Polish lowland sheepdog, and then get breakfast at a dog friendly cafe.

Little Miss Vegas
Vegas is a tremendous pup, we call her our "fabulous city dog". She learns things very quickly and exhibits an incredible openness to new places (different states, town, parks) people (hundreds of different people around the city, Boston) and things (rides the subway). We take her everywhere that we can and always get a reaction that makes it seem like we are accompanying a celebrity-- she has stopped traffic on a number of occasions. People love to meet her and they all comment on how beautiful and unusual her coloring is. Her temperament is great and she already seems to have a sense for when she needs to be more gentle (playing with a Boston terrier or meeting a small child). I don't think we could be more thrilled with her and are enjoying every minute we have with her. Kate, Mark & River.

Wanted to let you know that Otis is doing great. He is 6 months old and weighs 71 lbs. He is in his second round of Obedience class and does well. He is still very much a couch potatoe. He is very gentle with the children and they have formed a bond. When we go for a walk he does not want to leave the side of the stroller for anything. We are beginnign to wonder if it possibale to stop at jsut one of these wonderful dogs.

Update 8/07 Just wanted to send you some new pictures. He will be a year old next month. I think he is part moose. He has graduated from two levels of obedience training and we are planning to attend a good citizenship course next. He has been a wonderful dog with our children and surprisingly gentle for his size. The boys just think he is the best.

Maya has completed her first training course and we have decided to continue to the intermediate level. The trainer told me to share with you what "a beautiful girl" Maya is and that is a shame she can't be shown because "She is absolutely gorgeous". The trainer also said that "Maya is so sound in mind and body, the result of impeccable breeding". I don't think she could praise her anymore. I thought you would like to hear that about one of your pups.

On an owner's level, we could not be more pleased with Maya. She is excellent with the kids, absolutely beautiful, and trains so easily I am amazed. She has been a wonderful addition to my family.


I had to write to let you know that Oliver passed his Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors! The tester was very impresssed with his calm and friendly demeanor. Ollie is now 11 months old and a solid 160 lbs. I couldn't be any happier with my pup or the breed in general. He is everything the breed is advertised to be and he's my best bud on top of that. We are looking forward to our advanced obedience class and possibly a try at agility. Thanks again for such a wonderful companion! We can hardly wait for our second pup--maybe next summer? If anyone asks for a reference, please feel fee to send them my way.

She has grown up to be 140 lbs of slobbering cuteness!  Our 1 year old daughter loves Tulip and treats her as a little sister.